Follow the Smoke: SLAB BBQ

smoked turkey sandwiches with mole


Turkey Smoke Team

The perfect bite does exist. We’re pretty convinced we found it at the Texas Turkey Smoke Tour’s stop at SLAB BBQ & Beer in Austin. Mark Avalos, owner of this joint with a 90s hip-hop vibe, is chasing that bite every time he puts together a sandwich. And trust us, this guy knows a thing or two about a darn good sandwich.

Avalos is no stranger to turkey. In fact, one of his favorite family dishes incorporates our favorite bird. When the Turkey Smoke team stopped by, he put together a flavorful spin on a Salvadoran classic – panes con pavo. We savored every bite of the juicy smoked turkey covered in mole sauce served on a toasted roll with roasted veggies and olives. Talk about a next-level turkey sandwich!

Good barbecue takes on so many forms. It’s not always sliced turkey! What we sampled at SLAB BBQ is a prime example of turkey’s versatility on the barbecue menu, bite after bite.

SLAB BBQ is everything the name says it will be: Slow, Low And Bangin’. We can’t promise you won’t get extra hungry watching a few highlights from our visit to SLAB.