Turkey Smoke Series Expands in 2022

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Team Turkey

Competitors, start your pits! Turkey Smoke is back for another year of fierce competition, awesome prizes and, of course, delicious smoked turkey. We’ve seen Turkey Smoke grow immensely since we started our rounds on the competition circuit, and we could not be more excited for the future. As for the immediate future, we are looking at new contests in Illinois, Indiana, California, Virginia and the Carolinas. We are excited to partner with KCBS again for what will be another eventful year of Turkey Smoke.

What is the Turkey Smoke Series?

The Turkey Smoke Series will incorporate a turkey category into 25 KCBS-sanctioned BBQ competitions throughout the United States during the 2022 barbecue season, including the category’s fifth appearance at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue. The series is adding thousands of dollars in extra prize money and more opportunities for bragging rights among pitmasters.

Why Compete in the Turkey Smoke Series?

You see turkey on the board at your favorite BBQ spot, so why not on the competition circuit? That’s exactly what we couldn’t get our mitts around. The National Turkey Federation created Turkey Smoke to challenge professional and amateur pitmasters to test out their barbecue skills on turkey. We are now in year three of the Turkey Smoke Series, and while we have made some slight adjustments to the rules, the level of excellence among competitors and delicious results remain unchanged. We’re also in year two of the Turkey Smoke Team of the Year points chase where competition teams can really up the ante with their turkey game. Last year’s Turkey Smoke Team of the Year champion, Chiles Cridlin of Wolf’s Revenge BBQ, was in the race up until the final competition of the year where he took home the points he needed for the Team of The Year crown.

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Wolf’s Revenge BBQ Turkey Slider
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Wolf’s Revenge BBQ: Turkey Smoke Team of The Year

What Else is Smokin’?

Check out what everyone is gobbling about and look for a Turkey Smoke Series competition near you. Head on over to the Events page for the full 2022 schedule and competition rules.

To follow along with the Turkey Smoke Series, check out @TurkeySmokeBBQ on Instagram.