Turkey Smoke Series Back for Year Two

Turkey Smoke bbq competition trophies


Turkey Smoke Team

Calling all pitmasters and bbq cooks! Turkey Smoke is back for another exciting year. The National Turkey Federation (NTF) is partnering with the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) to kick off the second year of the Turkey Smoke Series, where competitors across the country can showcase the versatility and creativity of turkey on the smoker or grill. Before the BBQ competition starts heating up, here’s what you need to know about the 2021 Turkey Smoke Series.

What is the Turkey Smoke Series?

The Turkey Smoke Series will incorporate a turkey category into 17 KCBS-sanctioned bbq competitions throughout the United States during the 2021 barbecue season, including the category’s fourth appearance at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue. The series is adding thousands of dollars in extra prize money and bragging rights among pitmasters at these bbq contests.

Why Compete in the Turkey Smoke Series?

Turkey is a natural fit in competition barbecue, and there is real momentum growing around Turkey Smoke. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Emily Detwiler, Chief Executive Officer of KCBS, has to say:

“The inaugural year of the Turkey Smoke Series was very well received by competition pitmasters, contest organizers and Certified Barbeque Judges. Competition pitmasters from both the Master and Backyard Series enjoyed the creativity and freedom to demonstrate their skills in showing the versatility and flavor of turkey on the smoker. Contest organizers enjoyed the support from the National Turkey Federation and turkey producers to provide additional opportunities for engagement at their contests. KCBS Certified Barbeque Judges had a great time judging entries that ranged from traditional barbequed meat to creative dishes with complementary ingredients that accentuated the turkey’s flavor.”

What Else is Heating Up?

We are taking things to the next level in 2021 with the addition of the Turkey Smoke Series Team of the Year program, allowing bbq teams to earn points for each of the Turkey Smoke Series BBQ contests in which they compete. The highest points winner will be crowned the 2021 Turkey Smoke Series Team of the Year!

Check out what everyone is gobbling about and look for a Turkey Smoke Series BBQ competition near you. Head on over to the Events page for the full 2021 event schedule and bbq competition rules.

To follow along with the Turkey Smoke Series, check out @TurkeySmokeBBQ on Instagram.